Subha Senthilkumar

Subha Senthilkumar has been living in Singapore for the last 12 years and has been writing poems for five. She has received the Golden Point Award twice for her poems, winning the Second Prize in 2015 and the First Prize in 2019. Her poems have been published in both Singaporean and Indian magazines and poetry collections. Subha’s debut poetry collection, Kadalenum Vaseekara Meenthotti, was released recently in both Singapore and Tamil Nadu.

A Magical Aquarium Called the Ocean | கடலெனும் வசீகர மீன்தொட்டி

A fishmonger in the wet market wakes the Sundays, sprinkling a little palmful of water across the agape, throbbing mouths of stranded male fish awaiting breath. Bristling with lustful desperation they gulp for gifts— Filled with air, unsatiated. In another …

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