Lamppost | ল্যাম্পপোস্ট

By and | 31 October 2020

no crowds choke the streets
the traffic symphonic
and sleek and concrete
as the city’s own citizens
as the city’s sculpted monuments
as the city’s trees
lovingly watered and pruned
as the city’s children

the cuckoo sings from
the branches
as if this city was youth
or if the city
was spring’s riot
against the world
the city’s layers riot with the pungence of my labour and i dream

i love! love? this city / call me crazy / did i forget mother / motherland / bride / child / flag /
did i / do not / forget / perpetual subway dream. interrupted. final destination. never enough.
cash in hand. unknown. alone. in this dream i am umbra / penumbra / my son is a sodium-yellow voice
papa hold my hand walk with me to the bazaar let me ride upon your shoulders touching the
sky forget i have learned to walk to run to forget you

am i / i am a city
i remain sleepless like
night i am
more than
or worker

i am a lamppost for a family

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