Our home ocean | எங்கள் வீட்டுச் சமுத்திரம்

By and | 31 October 2020

I had transmuted all my opinions
into smooth stones
in the fishtank
in the living room.

If the price is right,
Lalitha said, we can buy an ocean.

That Sunday, we both went
to the shop that sells oceans.

For the price of a month’s rent,
said the salesman, you can own
an ocean that comes with full moon waves.

My wife and Lalitha were delighted
to have bought the ocean.

Our cat kept
at the ocean.

Cha! Saturnine ingénue,
what does it know?
I said.

The Sanitation Officer
inspected the ocean and left.

It was not on his list.
We can buy a tortoise next,
I told Mother.
Mother objected;
like a statue of Krishna
playing his flute,
a tortoise destroys a home.
Everything would be swept away.

As sunlight disperses
on the surface of the water
like bread ripped to pieces
by fish, whales and tortoises,
our home ocean lies
balled up in hunger.

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