Super Gas Power Attack

By | 1 January 2004

you may designate which power binary will use
regardless of what base you attack.
you may use either or both of your powers.

there are dozens of power-ups
that make it into the gas guns.
use them to discover methane
on boss levels and attack the glass dome.

gas-giant wild.
super head.
attack card. skill type. power.
damage 2. guts. power point.

weapons and wielders use weapon power.
most often dispel a laughing-gas bomb.
the user attacks without his hands.

get around a super-patriots shield.
fusion power 'within reach'.
the electrically charged gas
in powerful magnetic super-lasers
advances fusioncloser to fusion power.

super giant monster power showdown!
super giant monster power showdown!

catching up to the power
of louder models is an improvement.
radiate and transmit
a power ball of acid spit.

3,000 day dream attack
puts your enemy into a super-nap.
use the”v” attack configuration.

snow attacks work fine on fire-based monsters.
time to raise defense power!
the fright-based attack will harm all foes.

makeup. sea anemone.
amoeba. gas-filled power.
radiate body. seaoba.
utilise its power.

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