Carte Blanche

By | 1 February 2014


what to make of this blank space :
this white noise : to score it :
to give it some characters : to put
black marks against it : the way
these lines run on : stack up :
stretch out : ranks of peasants
shaking their rakes & forks :
agitated : jostling : is there
a weak point in the defences :
a vulnerability in the lines : some
place we might break through :
into spaciousness : into nothing :


whiteness on whiteness : to pluck
a white rabbit from a white hat :
in the middle of a snowstorm : or
a ptarmigan in its winter morph :
the whites of your eyes shining :
the cat who got the cream : your
mouth opening on a porcelain
smile : & death with a moon in
her pocket : song of the pack-ice :
jingle of the permafrost : an army
camouflaged in bed-sheets :
gnawing ice : marching out to
battle : under a flag of abject white :

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