Hafiz: Ghazal 75

By | 1 February 2014

The products from the workshop of the universe, all of it is nothing.
Bring wine, for the goods of the world are nothing.

The heart and soul long for the honor of intimacy with the beloved.
That is all, for otherwise heart and soul would be nothing.

Do not, for the sake of shade, be indebted to the sacred trees of Sidra and Túbá:
when you look closely, O flowing cypress, heavenly trees are nothing.

Five days you are spared in this way station.
Rest easy awhile, for time is nothing.

O Saqi, we are waiting on the shore by the sea of annihilation.
Regard it, for the space between lip and mouth is nothing.

Wailing and weeping have sadly consumed me,
but to narrate or explain is worth nothing.

Fakir, beware: do not grow complacent in your zeal.
The distance from your cloister to the Magi’s tavern is nothing.

The name of Hafiz has gained honor in the world,
but among outcasts, the calculations of profit and loss are nothing.

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