By | 1 February 2014

The love of form is a love of endings. —Louise Glück, ‘Celestial Music’

What if it’s somehow like the end
of a good, a well-told story?
Then you’ll have completion,
have, better still, completeness.

The reckoning will be a rounding off,
an arrival so well foretold
by the setting forth the journey
will have seemed all along a return.

All questions will be answered.
Should the sense signal loss—
or, worse, disaster—even so,
at the sound of the last cadence,

when the long rhythms of the telling
lapse in a great easing fall
that finishes the whole,
prepare for a lift of startling fullness.

Let the speaking word ebb as it will
at the close, not hurried or slowed.
You’ll feel the rightness of silence
and space.

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