Travelogue through Time

By | 1 February 2014

colours explode in fevers of sweetness
a llama springs tied to a tree
cactus pillars packed with water
wind song through cacti thorns

one red rooster an ox-ploughed field
the silence of the puna every fold
of earth speaking a different colour
catacombs of human bone boxes behind

brass lion doorknockers twelve feet high
for those who once came calling on horseback
walls made of sand bird bones seashell
riverstones lime and water outlasting

centuries of earthquake the sound of a river
coming up from underground in layers
a child in the shadow of a darkened doorway
rocking the passage of water and time

cracks in the concrete swimming pool
filled with paper barking dogs on chains
houses behind wrought iron gates on hilltops
cacti and locks someone welding at dawn

red disk on the horizon head torn open
pin pricks and holes in the hessian
she drinks the chicha she is cold exhausted
the altiplano air implodes her lungs

she sits in her grave in a foetal position
wrapped in cloth facing east

her breathing slows the impossible scent
of jasmine stitching the hills to the air…

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