Shari Kocher

Shari Kocher’s poetry is widely published in literary journals in Australia and elsewhere. Her first book, The Non-Sequitur of Snow, is forthcoming with Puncher and Wattmann. Her current creative project, Sonqoqui, comprises part of her doctoral research at Melbourne University.

The Navel of the World

Lake Titicaca is a freshwater lake the island of Amanti our home stay terraced and peaceful no motors no lights no buzzing at all the lake is an ocean of lappings the pathways are cobbled the fields tilled by hand …

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Travelogue through Time

colours explode in fevers of sweetness a llama springs tied to a tree cactus pillars packed with water wind song through cacti thorns one red rooster an ox-ploughed field the silence of the puna every fold of earth speaking a …

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My Singing Empty Hands

i hold the boat steady and my sister climbs in the boat smells of lavender as only the image of a boat can smell of lavender in a dream water purling at the lip my sister has not grown any …

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