Michelle Leber

A Show of Hands: 10 Works by Michelle Leber

Dutiful, five-pronged, deft-hinged and symbolically arranged – what do those once-arboreal human appendages reveal when words cannot decide?

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Lucy Van Reviews Michelle Leber

Medical diagnosis could be thought of as a form of storytelling; an analytic as well as creative process that translates the unclear expressions of the body into a plausible narrative, ideally one that directs the way to healing. Just as diagnosis might be con-sidered an art – a speculative performance that is highly contingent, at times inspired or risky – the discipline of medical observation has itself often inflected and animated art forms.

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Changing the Names of the Past in the Years of Curious Habits

1. Melbourne, 1968 Except for thistle girl, we never questioned wiping up the hidden pools of urine from under someone else’s skirt. Mother Eucalypt’s voice, known as whip crack, pitched to scatter even the suggestion of ants. There was no …

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Near the Tree with Caretaker Roots

27th Century BCE, China Firmly bound Swathed In marmot skin My winter daughter Stiff as a branch Arranged upright In a vessel. Petals, scattered, Praiseworthy companions Thrown to brighten Her starless brow. Yet colourless, my emotion. A coursing grief Falls …

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Tara Mokhtari Reviews APC 2010 New Poets Series

The Australian Poetry Centre has published four mini-chapbooks of poems by new poets selected to workshop at Varuna with Ron Pretty in 2010. Each little collection sells for AU$10, a price that reflects the production quality more than the quality of the poems published in each. The books are intended to introduce new Australian poets, but given the miniature, low-budget presentation and editorship of the project, the poets are at some risk of being misrepresented.

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The arrival of the monsoon

The arrival of the monsoon ― meant a town full of clean cars. but people kept buying imported water filling the damp winds with thirst and filling the rivers with empty bottles, floating by like dreams of escape parrots, dogs, …

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from ‘The Yellow Emperor Poems’

The arrival of the monsoon―

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