Michelle Leber

Michelle Leber is a Westernport Bay poet and artist living on Boon Wurrung country. Her poetry has been widely published in Australian and overseas anthologies and journals, including a commissioned public installation (Wild Melbourne, Point Leo foreshore, 2018). Her latest book of poetry, The Yellow Emperor (Five Islands Press), received praise for its ‘bold experiment in mythological reconstruction’. Michelle’s artwork has appeared in the Rezh da Kley Festival (Game, Moscow, 2021), included in international e-group shows (Hope, Fragmented Collective, Glasgow, 2021; The Burnout Society, Red Collage Peru, 2021) and art installations (Community, Pacific Northwest Collage Collective, Portland, USA, 2021).

A Show of Hands: 10 Works by Michelle Leber

Dutiful, five-pronged, deft-hinged and symbolically arranged – what do those once-arboreal human appendages reveal when words cannot decide?

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Changing the Names of the Past in the Years of Curious Habits

1. Melbourne, 1968 Except for thistle girl, we never questioned wiping up the hidden pools of urine from under someone else’s skirt. Mother Eucalypt’s voice, known as whip crack, pitched to scatter even the suggestion of ants. There was no …

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Near the Tree with Caretaker Roots

27th Century BCE, China Firmly bound Swathed In marmot skin My winter daughter Stiff as a branch Arranged upright In a vessel. Petals, scattered, Praiseworthy companions Thrown to brighten Her starless brow. Yet colourless, my emotion. A coursing grief Falls …

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The arrival of the monsoon

The arrival of the monsoon ― meant a town full of clean cars. but people kept buying imported water filling the damp winds with thirst and filling the rivers with empty bottles, floating by like dreams of escape parrots, dogs, …

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from ‘The Yellow Emperor Poems’

The arrival of the monsoon―

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