Covid Clean: 11 Works by Andrea Srisurapon

By | 1 August 2021

Andrea Srisurapon | Covid Clean 1 | Photographic print | 2021

The photographic series Covid Clean is a symbolic self-portrait that confronts the racial remarks towards Asian appearance and identity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Racial comments of Asians perceived as unhygienic, dirty, and the virus itself as ‘yellow peril’ were heavily circulated in Australian media.

These comments are harmful, divisive and only stimulated the racism that lie dormant in our society. This series not only challenges xenophobic attitudes and the anti-Asian sentiments by showcasing its lack of truth to reality, but also moves towards empowering ones Asian identity.

As a subject of the series, I, Andrea Srisurapon, harness my vulnerability and weaponise my body. Ultimately, I am not an object that can be labeled: a Thai Australian woman defining her identity.

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