Camila Galaz

Camila Galaz is a Chilean-Australian visual artist and filmmaker based in New York. Her investigative and multimodal practice looks to understand how intimate connections to history exist through personal narratives, social media, collective memory, and cultural texts. She is the recipient of the 2018 MECCA M-Power Scholarship from the National Gallery of Victoria, the 2019-2021 Australia Council EMPAC New York Residency, and a 2021 LA County Vibrant Cities Arts Grant. In 2019 she presented a Writing & Concepts lecture at the National Gallery of Victoria (Questioning Existence with the Subjunctive [Spanish Demystified]), and a four-part workshop for Channels Video Art Biennale (Time, After Time: A Reenactment Workshop). Recent projects include: a reenactment of Crocodile Dundee III through Instagram stories for Outback Arthouse, Los Angeles (Dead End. Brilliant.); a pandemic vlog within the video game Animal Crossing for West Space, Melbourne (STUDIO VLOG); a meta-analysis of Camus’ The Plague, curated by Sabrina Baker (Unwelcome Visitant); and an interactive web-based essay on Chilean socialist computer histories for External Pages, London (REDES: bread and justice, peaches and bananas).

Hasta Carmen: 12 Works by Camila Galaz

I’ve always loved the video game Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. First released in 1985, it spawned the edu-tainment software revolution of the 90s, which I was very much caught up in.

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