12 Works by Sue Kneebone

My mixed media tableau incorporates the transformative process of bricolage and photomontage to draw the viewer in to consider more insidious subtexts such as disturbed ecologies and dispossession from colonial incursions. A combination of field trips and archival research into my family past have fostered a deeper understanding of the inherited and ongoing legacies of colonial settler culture.

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14 Works by Marikit Santiago

My practice examines a personal conflict of cultural plurality at the conjunction of Filipina ethnicity and Australian nationality. My work navigates the simultaneous sensations of acceptance and rejection of adopted and inherited cultures, which has been conditioned by autobiographical experiences within and between developed and developing worlds.

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12 Works by Lara Chamas

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4 Machines by Robert Andrew

Robert Andrew | Data Stratification My research investigates denied and forgotten personal and family histories. As a person who has a connection to different lineages, I am choosing to move between them by constantly cross-referencing the old and the new. …

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Sticker Lady’s Tales of the First World

Join the big boy league.

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12 Pigment Prints on Paper by Tony Albert

Mid Century Modern-Aboriginal Corroboree | 2016 | pigment print on paper | 50 x 50 cm, edition of 2 + 1AP Image courtesy of the artist and Sullivan+Strumpf. Tony Albert’s art practice interrogates contemporary legacies of colonialism in a way …

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Selections from ‘The Face: a feeling’: 8 Portraits by Kwesi Abbensetts

Face the feeling …

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Mass Culture: Artworks by Chun Yin Rainbow Chan

My work explores the intersections between mass culture, diaspora and globalisation. I am interested in the counterfeit as a unique aesthetic category that re-reads the uncanny. My works investigate how mimetic objects and symbols, such as bootlegs or fake luxury goods, problematise the socially-regulated impulse of consumerist desire.

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Mansplaining Abortion in Alexis Lateef’s ‘Procedure’

Mel Pearce | Untitled | In response to Alexis lateef’s ‘Procedure’ Alexis Lateef’s ‘Procedure’ draws on the conventions of Confessional poetry by women in English – particularly on the influential work of Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton – to make …

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‘Often Said Apologetically’: Merryn Sommerville’s Child of the High Seas

The subject of my work is one child, a family member in a seven-year series, and of her seven-year life. As a young woman of childbearing age, it might seem an obvious choice for me to draw children; there was a time in art history where women were limited to drawing domestic scenes of children and animals. But their social identity became synonymous with innocence and a lack of autonomy.

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Winking Fever

Winking Fever … intimate touchups

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But you’re not ugly: 28 Portraits by Therese Ritchie

These portraits are designed to sit quietly inside the deluge of public debaters that swamp us every time there is mention of something other than heterosexuality. They are about basic trust – the foundation of belief in society and the progression of life – and how that trust can be trampled on when people are made invisible, trivialised, humiliated, derided, or seen as and spoken of as somehow being ‘wrong’.

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