Winking Fever

Winking Fever … intimate touchups

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But you’re not ugly: 28 Portraits by Therese Ritchie

These portraits are designed to sit quietly inside the deluge of public debaters that swamp us every time there is mention of something other than heterosexuality. They are about basic trust – the foundation of belief in society and the progression of life – and how that trust can be trampled on when people are made invisible, trivialised, humiliated, derided, or seen as and spoken of as somehow being ‘wrong’.

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Mother and Rule: 8 Prints by Michael Cook

Michael Cook | Mother | Dolls house, 2016 | Inkjet print on paper | 80x120cm All images courtesy of the artist and Andrew Baker Art Dealer.

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Contemporary Monsters: 11 Works by Marian Tubbs

A continuing inspiration for my projects comes from a definition of affect by Brazilian psychoanalyst and cultural critic Suely Rolnik. Affect – now a hyper-familiar term in art discourse – is utterly restless in its ubiquity, yet I remember in my early reading it provided an important alternative entry into thinking about what an artwork does or can do. Usually, I swap out its use, but here it seems fitting.

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7 Works from Venkat Raman Singh Shyam: Pardhan Gond Artist and Story-teller

Venkat Raman Singh Shyam | Dare The Gonds are one of the largest indigenous peoples of India and are spread throughout several central states of the country. Gond paintings were initially executed only on the walls of dwellings as an …

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10 Works by Juan Ford

Juan Ford | The Reorientalist, 2013 | Oil on linen | 122 x 183 cm

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Remnants: 12 Photographs by Annette Willis

Abandoned spaces, places and objects are central to my photography. I am drawn to the obsolete and discarded and am fascinated by the dichotomy between the original function and aesthetics of old structures and what remains, in its abandoned beauty. Among other things, this fascination has resulted in a long exploration of the discordant application of 19th Century British building techniques in the Australian landscape. I am not documenting but rather interpreting built spaces within the landscape.

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8 Collages by Sofie Ramos

In addition to small collage works, some of which are presented here, Sofie Ramos creates colourful and chaotic sculptural painting installations that conflate the art and its space and blur the distinction between the three-dimensional arrangement of objects in a space and the two-dimensional composition of a painting.

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Divergent Culture, Historical Influence: 11 Works by Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

My name is Abdul-Rahman Abdullah. I am a West Australian artist working primarily in sculpture and installation. My practice draws on the storytelling capacity of animal archetypes, familial space and the subjective nature of memory to explore and define personal experiences of cultural identity.

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The Beneficent Radicalism of Prue Stent

Oyster Prue Stent’s photography appropriates common icons of beauty and desirability into unknown and uncomfortable settings. Often bordering on the gleefully pornographic, Stent’s most provocative work takes aim at the aesthetics of heteronormative sexuality. In her Pink series we see …

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Nine Works by Deedee Cheriel

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Four Paintings by Matt Arbuckle

Matt Arbuckle’s work explores a dialog between the construction and deconstruction of a painting. The narrative is one of space and perspective, where planes and illusion of depth are the topic for discourse, rather than direct representation. The viewer is therefore denied obvious footholds for interpretation, encouraging the experience to be dictated by an individual’s visual sensation and perception. The foundation of these paintings is the concept of accessibility for all. The blatant and at times aggressive marks encourage the experience of these paintings to not be over conceptualised, but rather a celebration of painting for paintings sake.

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