Collier Nogues

Hong Kong Now

Hong Kong has experienced almost a year of political and social turmoil, with the aftershocks of last year’s protests continuing to be felt, and many of their grievances unaddressed.

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6 Artworks by Anthea Y

Anthea Y | Article XII Autonomy Collier Nogues: Article XII: Autonomy This poem and artwork is part of the Hong Kong Now chapbook curated by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho.

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Article XII: Autonomy

The autumn shall be a desert of the hard road, which shall enjoy a high degree of brightness and floating clouds directly under the white sun. The white sun shall be the bright blanket of heaven, which shall enjoy a …

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Preface: Important Notice

This poem repurposes text from the first page of the publicly-distributed, print version of the Basic Law, Hong Kong’s constitution. This booklet is not the Basic Law. This booklet contains the Basic Law but is not the Law itself. The …

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