Akin Jeje

Hong Kong Now

Hong Kong has experienced almost a year of political and social turmoil, with the aftershocks of last year’s protests continuing to be felt, and many of their grievances unaddressed.

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6 Artworks by Anthea Y

Anthea Y | Article XII Autonomy Collier Nogues: Article XII: Autonomy This poem and artwork is part of the Hong Kong Now chapbook curated by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho.

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Almost Greatness

Superficiality just kills here, from its concrete roots to its bamboo tips. The nakedness of the city unravels as the MTR zips down the navel Of its shorn planes, towards the exposed tip at the edge of the harbour. There …

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Passing by the quiet morning street on June 4th, in one shop there were three young hogs lying dead, streaked in their own blood next to the crimson family shrine, the last of the incense burned to the base. One …

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Pak Tai Street

Sundays on Pak Tai Street, outside the royal blue and ornate gold of the no-longer regal Jockey Club, flocks of strange birds with rectangular wings are gripped by gnarled hands stained with black ink, congregating on gritty, uneven sidewalks and …

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Last Days of August

It’s a concrete August swelter in Hong Kong this year, Where even the sidewalk cracks melt into uniformity, Steamed by the slower, sun-broiled diminished crush of the city, Lower Kowloon’s consumed in a rare seasonal siesta, Its denizens for once …

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