Teena McCarthy

Introduction to Teena McCarthy’s Bush Mary

When Teena McCarthy told me she had constructed this book from poems, lines, phrases and images that she had written on odd-sized pieces of paper and had gathered them until they formed a manuscript, I immediately thought of Emily Dickinson, who also wrote many of her poems on the backs of envelopes and scraps that had been used as shopping lists.

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Ghost of the Bush Marys

The ghosts off Bush Mary fancy playing cards they’re given to birth, divinity and oh and so forth, Mother. Women deal the men like how we gathered, we young Mary, and first told Mary Magdalene, He is risen! Dammit 3 …

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12 Artworks by Teena McCarthy

The main theme running throughout my work is related to my grandmother, an Indigenous woman of the Barkindji Tribe from Broken Hill, NSW.

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Bush Mary Suite

Where Have the Bush Marys gone? I will no longer hide The truth of the Bush Mary’s She is the non virgin Used by the carnal She is her body She is her blood She has no voice She comes …

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