Let’s Pull Things Apart Together: 7 Works by Karima Baadilla

By | 1 December 2022

Karima Baadilla | Purple Does Not Mean Sad | Oil on found board | 36 x 42cm

My painting practice explores the emotional and psychological aspects of a person’s life, and is informed by my own quest to find my place in the world as a migrant settler in Australia. Painting new paintings on top of old paintings is a way to create spaces on existing ones, understanding that the present is made up from elements of the past. Painting directly on top of another painting is not about erasing the past, but creating a new perspective, a mosaic of things that makes a new place.

By choosing to de-frame, re-paint, re-frame and then re-define an existing painting is to demand space where there was none, to add a new time dimension to an existing one. The physical act of adding a painting on top of another image or painting is to add layers of time, space, place and history instead of creating a wholly separate figurative world – rejecting the notion of othering. This rejection is the driving force behind my artistic practice as I seek to create works that do not explicitly showcase my identity but rather, allow the action of reclamation to be my agenda.

Let’s Pull Things Apart Together was developed by Karima Baadilla during her time in RESIDENCE at Footscray Community Arts, 2021.

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