Rel Pham

Rel Pham has presented the solo exhibitions and commissions TORRENT, The Bridge, Kingston (2022); Electric Dirge, 4A Digital, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (2021); Alter_Egos, goodspace, Sydney (2016) and HEADSHOT_GET, The Corner Cooperative, Sydney (2014). He has participated in several group exhibitions including NFT Illuminated, The Galeries Victoria, Sydney (2021); Lousy Ink, Bside Gallery, Melbourne (2018); GORO2, M2 Gallery, Sydney (2017); Art Not Apart Festival, Canberra (2017); and This Is Not Art Festival, Newcastle (2015). Pham was the winner of Muralogy 2017 and previously a finalist in the Australian Stencil Art Prize, 2011. He completed a residency at Brand X in 2017 with collaborator Zeke’s Lunchbox.

9 Artworks by Rel Pham

Pham creates hybrid worlds, rendering traditional scenes of Cao Dai temples and Western classical art in an illuminated palette of neon PC coolant fluid and radiant LED lights.

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