Halina Poświatowska

Halina Poświatowska (1935-1967) is one of Poland’s most beloved poets. She survived the Nazi invasion of her hometown, Częstochowa, in 1945, though it left her with a chronic heart condition that would claim her life at the age of 32. Knowing her life would be brief, Poświatowska wrote prolifically: her collected work includes 4 books of poetry, a memoir, and several hundred unpublished stories, essays, and plays. She travelled extensively across Europe and America and earned a degree in philosophy from Smith College. New editions of her work — as well as biographies and critical studies — continue to be published in Poland and around the world in translation.

5 Halina Poświatowska Translations by Karolina Zapal and Ryan Mihaly

(women are prized for their beauty) women are prized for their beauty men for the shadow of their long lashes and poets for hiding flocks of aquamarine emotions in a word oblong night — under a kneecap moon the poets …

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