Nhã Thuyên

no land promise [4]

this place has gone months without rain, worms don’t hatch in time for the bird beaks of a drought, eggs get dispersed from their nests beneath leaves too parched, that’s right, that gardener, twenty years rhythm of turning on sprinklers, …

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2 Nhã Thuyên Translations by Kaitlin Rees

this room’s determined to not let in anyone more, someone rumbles, so should i just leave now then, is there still time, sham, someone grumbles, so should i leave and wait for someone to invite me

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Feminine Beings: A Resonance of Voices in Vietnamese Poetry

The authors I touch upon in this essay – perhaps not the female poets most in accordance with my personal taste – share a common story in which I am more or less implicated.

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Review Short: Nhã Thuyên’s words breathe, creatures of elsewhere

The relation of place to identity and self-making is central to much poetry, indeed to writing more generally. It won’t be lost on the reader, therefore, that Nhã Thuyên, writing from Hanoi (‘river within / inside’) – a city built on lowlands; a city of lakes situated in the Red River delta, where rainfall is high – makes an impassioned plea for poetry (and thinking) that is fluid, unbounded, borderless.

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Tim Wright Reviews Lê Văn Tài, Nguyễn Tôn Hiệt & Phan Quỳnh Trâm, Edited by Nguyễn Hưng Quốc and Nhã Thuyên

The academic Michael Jacklin who launched the present collection, has written that there is ‘ongoing neglect of literature produced in Australia in languages other than English,’ citing as one example the Australian-based, international journal of Vietnamese writing Tien Ve, which appears to be little known in Australian poetry circles.

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Jennifer Mackenzie Reviews Asia Pacific Writing Series Books 1-4

Vagabond Press has recently issued four attractively presented volumes of poetry from the Asia Pacific region. Each contains the work of three poets and represents China, Japan, Vi-etnam and the Philippines, respectively.

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