Six Poems by Najwan Darwish

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Najwan Darwish has been hailed by the New York Times Book Review as ‘one of the foremost Arabic-language poets of his generation’. Nothing More to Lose, superbly translated by Kareem James Abu-Zeid, is his first …

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Ten Poems by Joan Brossa

Born in Barcelona into a family of artisans, Joan Brossa (1919-1998) first began writing when he was mobilised in the Spanish civil war. During the forties he was introduced to surrealism thanks to meeting Joan Miró and Joan Prats. This …

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Three Self-translations in Three Languages by Marilyne Bertoncini

Souvenir – Ricordo – Memory The grey Deûle flows inside its greyish banks. Dreams are reflected within the water grass, and changing fates sketch and mirror fleeting drafts beneath the water clouds where the sun hides with the sparrows in …

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Five Poems by Vahe Arsen

Vahe Arsen (Arsenyan) was born in 1978 in Yerevan. He earned his PhD in American and English literature from Yerevan State University, and is currently assistant Professor of the Chair of World literature at Yerevan State University. He is also …

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Danielle Collobert’s Survie

Danielle Collobert’s Survie is a sequence of six sonnetoid poems written and published in 1978 shortly before her suicide. The title is ironic: ‘survie’ means either the state of remaining alive after an event or in an environment that is normally fatal. As with ‘survival’ in English, the meaning of the term is commonly extended to mean a precarious living situation.

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Six Poems from Nachoem Wijnberg’s Divan of Ghalib

Since being shortlisted for the Dutch prize for the best poetic debut of 1989, Nachoem M.Wijnberg has won a series of awards in both Belgium and the Netherlands, including the highly prestigious 2009 VSB Prize for the Netherlands’ best book of poetry.

Wijnberg is known for giving each of his poetry collections a distinct identity, both stylistically and in terms of content, and the poems reproduced here are drawn from his Divan of Ghalib, which was published in Dutch in 2009 and is due out in a complete English translation in May 2016 (White Pine Press, Buffalo).

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Six Poems from Juan Diego Otero’s Los Tiempos del Ruido

It’s not easy to relate the tumult and commotion of that night; only that prosopopoeia, with which the preachers represent to us the day of judgement, can present us with some explanation of what physically occurred on the night of …

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Two Poems by Olga Orozco

Cartomancy The dogs that sniff out the lineage of ghosts, listen to them barking, listen to them tear apart the drawing of the omen. Listen. Someone approaches: the floorboards are creaking under your feet as if you will never stop …

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from Marosa di Giorgio’s Funeral carriages laden with watermelons

          What a strange species is the species angel. When I was born I heard them say “Angel”, “Angels”, or other names. “Spikenard”, “Iris”. Foam that grows on branches, the most delicate porcelain increasing all by itself. Spikenard. Iris. And in …

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George Seferis’s ‘On a Winter Ray’

Image courtesy of George Seferis was born 1900 in Smyrna, modern Turkey and died in Athens, Greece, in 1971. He is considered as the most important modernist innovator in modern Greek poetry. His collections include Mythistorema (1935), Book of …

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Three Poems by Huang Lihai

Huang Lihai was born in Xuwen and now lives in Guangzhou. He is editor of the poetry magazines Poetry & People. His books of poems include I Know Little about Life and The Passionate Mazurka. He won the 8th Lu …

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Two Poems by Chen Yuhong

I’ve Told You I’ve told you my forehead my hair miss you because clouds in the sky brushing through one another my neck my earlobes miss you because of the ennui of hanging bridge, alley grass and the bridge lane …

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