Alex Skovron

Alex Skovron is the author of six collections of poetry and a prose novella. His numerous public readings include appearances in China, Serbia, India, Ireland and Macedonia. The Attic, a bilingual selection of his poetry translated into French, was published in 2013, a volume of Chinese translations, Water Music, is due shortly, and his novella, The Poet, has been translated into Czech. His latest book, Towards the Equator: New & Selected Poems (2014), was shortlisted in the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards. A collection of short stories, The Man who Took to his Bed, is forthcoming from Puncher & Wattmann.


for Philip Salom He is lying sprawled within one of the spaces           between the spaces, dreaming of a perfect seven-eyed pavilion           in burnt sienna, at rest behind bars under a gun-grey broth drinking           the Rome air naked. In his dream …

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Silence: An Anatomy

I reach into you the half-light drizzles my fingers caress your thoughts You hear my footfall we trace another memory my limbs enfold I follow you my eyes can peer into the hidden corners of your history Your future I …

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Two Translations of Alex Skovron

PEN Melbourne’s Translation and Linguistic Rights Committee (TLRC) recently commissioned Jacques Rancourt, French poet, translator and director of the Paris-based Festival franco-anglais de poésie, to translate a collection of poems by Melbourne poet Alex Skovron. Skovron and Rancourt discussed and …

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Memory takes us for a ride, and we it – Time clocks its vengeance on forgetfulness; When the god Remembrance comes calling (Old Eros in a mask) we repossess In vain the confabulated latitudes For our retelling, now tainted and …

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