from ‘[of sirens / body & faultlines]’

By | 1 March 2015
 (london will die)
                            as all we ever bought here w/
                            suffering & condemnation,
                                                                          , by the basis
                                                                          disinvested in lives & the
                                                                          workings of the hospital / 
                            dereliction carved vital into tony blair & white teeth 
                                               & smiles sound
                                                                         tracked back to work &
                                               bed closing circuit wage differentials [::]
                                                          of cyclic years cutting & our 
                                                          difference rendered the same [£]
                                                                         of things can only craned speculative
                                                                         of financial blood / abandon f’
                                                                         contemporary rot
                                between alarm rent clock day & the damp 
                                bred work & less well, you
                                sick on the skill shortage & IWGB:
                                collateral of wages for living, dear
                                                                                        boris opinion violence
                                               distributed / digested to the point of / common false 
                                               killing clean for the purpose crimeswept &
                                               arteries oligarchical, [[applause of yur latest
                                                                                                                                friends sung
                                                                until the housing bubble detonates all 
                                                                drunk dressed up to leicester square & post-
                                                    public school, 
                                                                             as solidarity bored 
                                        office cellular goes to 
                                                                             foodbank & the 
                                                                             paving, cloud top
                                                                                                           of the shard as the 
                                                                                   working class vanished severe & you
                                                                                   puke underground 
                                                                                                   [f forgot from friends 
                                                                                   carved glass through the throat
                                               poem is easy & as inevitable
                                               as the next collapse :: 
                                                                  productivity absent bled 
                                                                  arms from the city
                                  , strand dust poured
                                  ashes of our work onto parliament square, which you can
                                             holiday w/ police throwing knives charge
                                                    / odeful hallway snailing city 
                                                    hall glass, your murder of
                                                                                                   frequencies & hours
                                                                                                   barb the workday
                                  & A&E warped into yur lux home to filth
                                                      to gull & garbage struck still & labourless 
                                                      & ancient foul of thameswash



                   our archives of health, abstraction 
                   & belonging / precarity, sirens
                   of work & body & home 
                                                          // consider the boss as virus attached 
                                                          tissue / muscle, our agony 
                                                                                                        growth of the 
                                                 city, sprouts & off ‘natural’ until 
                                                 collapse, where we
                                                                              organs hollow left 
                                                            heat w/out clambering 
                                                            ingredients f’ each hour had 
                           built 2008 2001 1993 
                                                            1986 1973 1929 1907 
                           1901 1896-73 1866 
                                                        1847 1837 1825 1819 
                                                            1796 1772 1720 ,, ventriloquist towns 
                                                            of our births, of death finance personified
                                                     , extract suffer
                                                                               /ance & life support / premium 
                                                            foodbanks & detentions, border strictures & 
                                                            hang of “the law private &
                                                                                                            up close / I
                                                            wanted to […] be a joke”, cracked
                                                            fetish : canary wharf

                                              second split
                             of all fireworks looping / saturate 
                             entire sky compliment w/ every
                                                                                       siren bright to 
                                                                                       point of tearing all ears &
                                                                                       eyes enlightenment 
                                              . you turned to thank
                             offering , obscured constitution 
                             of minds, bloods, limbs charred
                                                                                       , an image for digital
                                                                                       friends / rats myth as equal
                                             owners ground rivers knee-skimmed viral
                                             mutated official hygiene brand
                                                              now they took your name & flagged , so
                                                              happy in the minor distribution
                                                              of warmth \\ season abolished the soil
                                                                    abolished, radiation-free ocean abolished,
                                                                                                         economic democracy
                           beautiful in yur passport headshot entry in
                                                                                                         paleness destin-
                                                                                                         ations of vitality / descent the
                                                                                                         traffic according to theresa
                                                                                                         may ‘cut by
                                                                                                                             drowning at sea’ 
                             k-hole politik to point of sharing where
                             all essential intention & contradiction 
                             are outside the click of understanding, 
                                                                              glam ancient react to grow
                                                                              up in progress & happy keep
                                                                              the global south enchained

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