iii. (Eris)

By | 1 March 2015
I’m a part   of a cult. We follow the Goddess of discord. We’re going to bring down the government.
We don’t believe in things that we don’t need to / we use fruits we splendour & never harm.

I’m all alone. Only yesterday, the aphids, the aphid food, the full beetle I
sore through the eschaton,, prop up the yen,, hold my hands,,
fuck with ye friend there’s a want in us all, cut, statement of surrender, TIC cut, TIC this
cheap violent discomfort sniping for

to kill you. TUP // what does killing you?
to want some of purity, no muck in the wound, keeSOME PURITph/scabbing clean. I’m a member of a
cult where what we do is to / we take up the bait put out the bait talk in that tense


….asph.. yc ...aps TIC ..dus ashyi .ahips

Satisfied she. Move t’_i wards arms acrossed our feet polder inept wing hands no this no but more you still crimp under gas light wait ,, oft I solder varicose bluff the no room serial bind out. Turn that down.
, don’ tyousee there’s a sense in saying████blieve that if murder in a room and that room is cleaned out leaving no trace then the next group of people in the room replicate,, are affected by what happened previously and we should kill t/; iiiiiiiiaxhphapi

Do n’t. L oom. Had ron. Pu lser.

/what we want is to / to do is have you(ahsixtphi) ,(p ’ll use kind of magics,,, hose of my people and that in me skeptic ,,, welling up and she bent down took my cheek between my thumbs, and kneading it pulled me through cumming cumming that we should have purged
The thing unpack hold onto the ] flash out (cl!) no muck in the wound so much to wash in the service station loo, ketamine wait, thee bastards get to the bar hold down his arms. and legs, sweet man!! Turn that down.
First purge (subtly): “Daniel Heatherton, Edward Heatherton, George Heatherton, Oliver Heatherton, Tim Heatherton, Bryony Pring, Naomi Smith, Phoebe Harrison, Ranolph Harrison, Jacob Bate, Verity Bird, Phillip Cunningham, Jamie and Alex Donaldson. Also Lucy Donaldson (some time later), Sam Palmer, Jack Watson, Bay Watson, Edward Norton, Kevin Cox Guy Stanway, Brook Adams, Lord Arthur Fitzalan Howard (b.1991), James Cooper, Miles Frost & Hilary Pring, Crispin Beilby Forbes Adam & Hal Francis Forbes Adam & Charlotte India Forbes Adam. & why not Charles David Forbes Adam and████both with the same Kali dagger in the stables, lo. And how will they die? By the weapons they leave lying around their houses. Richard Shepperd MBE, Steve Rainbow, Simon Griffiths, James Kirk, Ben Hudson, Alex McClean, Marc Jones, Ruth Tether, Rory Henderson, Clive Friedrich, Debbie Deans, Alex Randall, Stuart Wilkinson, Sam Jamieson, Simon Howson, Jackie Goddard & David Beavers in the guise of a post horror sex jaunt down the banks of the Foss where cover story has them pulling plastic bags over their heads and slamming claw hammers into their rectums and faces, flashes of crimson, foams and sewage rising splendidly to snow down upon the wretched fumbling torsos. Amen. Helen Botterill, Jane Pick, Alicia Hudson, Catherine McClean, Helen Ashby and certainly Tarnia Hudson who shall hammer his own hands to her own forehead, screw a lock in its lung, take one retching breath through a nosebag of iron filings & chew them into a bullet, spit the bullet into the air through a blowpipe where the bullet will fall into its frontal lobe. ZOOM”. And when this first purge is done any political motive for the killings will be discredited by the madness of their personal orbit. These are the first people our party will dispatch. “Amen”.
Hallowed globe. A baste hate inflect [hold onto the parts of the chair and take the chair to bits before he sits down] (cool!) P&B as (but for) spit on dye whip rivet chest on in the stratosphere, it’s killed to cough in dust of phones Hands on if deviate no hours and always at minus that. The rigid peeled back skin, the dick on teeth, the teeth on it, swallow at the time spit and to not care, and not do, turn down.
but. I’ve been working hard I’ve been going to the right people with my problems those private inflections of /./.kiss my stomach no my actual stomach not the skin on top of the stomach g;. get into the skin and kiss the or.;,mkl;,..//g /

Tire d by will s to g et on wh at o ver m ust she

Second Purge (funtime - perceived public/celebrity enemies etc): Terry Bozzio, Professor Brian Cox, Mortis, Stephen Fry, Richard Dawkins, Janet Street Porter, Terry Eagleton, Peter Hitchens, Gary Ablett, Glenn Hoddle, Claire Short, Rosie Lugosi, Scroobius Pip, Paul Foot, Kate Nash, Melvyn Bragg, Paul Daniels, Nicky Gumbel, Russell Brand, Tim Minchin (& all other intersectionalists), Guido Fawkes, Joanne Harris, Katie Hopkins, Matt Redman, Jodi Picoult, Lee Child & of course Prince who comes over here and who nicks our jobs. & Matthew Kelly, Harry Styles, Sergey Lavrov, Vic Reeves, Brian Blessed, Georgina Fitzalan Howard & of course her housemaid’s knee Edward Fitzalan Howard VERTICAL, HORIZONTAL, TOP DOWN, SIDE ANGLE TO THE LEFT, LEARN DEAN, EACH HELICAL RECIPROCAL DREAM today is the most humble R rectal POST ILLUMINATION WOMB BOMBS, Damien Hirst, Ben Fogle, Zoe Ball, Brian Limond (see this purge is the publics ‘what the fuck is going on?’ moment, & so we’ll be aiming arrows in a democratic display of political fairness which is why we’ll also take down some public left leaners: Stewart Lee, Terry Eagleton (again), Laurie Penny & obvs Mark steel)... We’ll be preferring men generally, mind, men like Johann Hari, Mohammed Al Fayed, Bruce Dickinson, Johnny Rotten & someone in our ranks sickly suggested we put one through the throat of Bill Drummond, so I decided enough was enough & that this was no longer our party but mine. I put Bill Drummond in a nuclear bunker and headed to the next party meeting with a broomhandle mauser. Next purge (party sadness, end of madness): I shot bullets into almost every one of my comrades killing most of them, mortally wounding some, firing novelty ‘bang’ flags into a few. These, though, were sharpened projectile flags which jabbed into the sick party skins, left ppl bleeding not laughing. You deserved every last bit of that, I mean look what you’ve done… Can’t you see, ‘(Rupert Murdoch) we find that violence resides everywhere behind the false appearance of universal peace’ / ‘Today is the most humble day of your life’ I’m sorry I shot you Jonny / we need ppl to kill still more my comrades slithering in heaps of bolognaise blood ,, they crawl and play, sashay through the windows of the party promise neo what there fell my lover’s strobe upon the pouring guts and cheeks what now that all the F██████have been felled what I want is an approximation of what comes next see the allegory is set as me and mine in the tent and the aristocracy and damaged celeb figures, their national infliction, the goddess, who by way of smiting in spite and lols threw the apple to the prissy rulers, the party, for self tearing. ON. KILL R. CHARMICHAEL,, on summer’s breach and FRINGE FESTIVAL desocate sleep sweetly as LARRY Dwavin && FLAGS Tim Fields within without and fall into the heather on top of the points of dear Tara Kray and Jow Montreux, be parted. And now go over to me in my bed and hex on IBEX Global Solutions plc (AIM: IBEX), a leading provider of contact centre services and other business process outsourcing solutions, is pleased to confirm an interim dividend of 1.9 pence per share which amounts to an aggregate cash cost of approximately $1.25 million. And be and be beautiful and be only and be purged. Politcal purge (parties and thinkers): get past the skin and kiss the organ grip the skin hold the skin in your hands pull it apart coalesce our boots the same sounds cascade over the gentle waves the rock’s babble. Then when we touch, our quiet comes. TN CLFF/@ Then when we make (sfz) for arms sprayed PARSEQ in 7 y/p to induction of staff, and thereby, COOL ye inducement the seed is the night burst a smell so amoebic . Then return the self same once we did it slowly there was glass everywhere and long massive hopeless bottles they used them to push me apart and they were very funny. What they did and do now it is funny. It’s hard to know what you’ve done. Climb aboard for the kissing of the genitals mounted on the stomach, putting your lips onto asses, screaming at the bus making me take hold of the number for the bus service complaints centre. That number pull the your face ou of the computer fox. Set it down by G, the well sure fucking little mug, smarmy assed Reborn frog marched on the quiet sideline this is not a criticism. Shadowed as were / forget well schooled £,t%*^(he movement in total funds for the year is a net when it out wityh hnda ha9irkdeficit of £0.1m mainly due All digitised documents shriek to fuck stirp search SACK it now to has been done, and to has been and associated Thi traffic is abstracted powerhjfd.;ll; ljh5;u phehr with l,ej use that it’s thethat it is the best i cabnl achi best I can abstract power ,lwe can just hold off but the traffic scoop taff and Managers on issues such what a sound data can be accessed through Parseq's (2010: £1.5m), up £0.1m. This movement eto expenditure from designated funds bdvice to sas Maternity, Paternity, pay, tax, SSP, SMP, Holiday and Sicknerought forward. Move forward to do it better. I can get you returns on some logic thusly: Having not been a fishmonger. Having never been in the guts or scooping them out. Or to never have built a fishmongers then if George truly, and I believe it, is the power significant for development of the sustainability of, say, fish. Or, say, business models, then it is to return later. We will discuss the man who builds with both his hands. The man exalted and funny. We’ll go back there to him don’t you worry. He’s always about. Thank God. Don’t tell me how to shit up my lids. And when you get to him hold on because things’ll move quickly, we’ll have to keep up as long as we can if we are to fuck him if he is kind enough to be fucking us then we are kind enough to have his mouth out the excited peripheral cult-heads clutched at the rim of my calf. Why was I thinking that under the massive gold Kallisti singalong when I should have been aware of the gravity of the situation and not thinking about him! He gets a blowjob for each initiate. It’s the late sixties and you’re writing for Playboy. Everyone gets one. But it’s still of little use to say nothing; Mumu pre-exists, erm, George. But not Playboy. I’m still thinking about that now under the sun it is my right to do it and to do whatever the fuck I like. Remember the Beanfields? Now come in from 2010, my dear. Reflecting this, Every part each of eyes use each . Thi` traffic is abstracted power use that it’s the best I can abstract power then maybe we can just hold off but the traffic scoop Providing asswhat a sound it was / yu underneath the grass bridge what no it heard it. net current assets have reduced to £1.3m at the balance sheet date (2010: £1.4m). The main asset of the charity is Cash at bank, Reckoned on the cusp of the year, cooking out Now come down kiss the raw the course as you appeared to run out at suck through it, the wick merrie call, THE BIRDS!! Karl Holweger o with an snapper hear ts tap tapping at the rhythd . Now tether both our (no just tether me) teeth of bit no just use what you need// O my Eris, my life is so boring. Could I be in the middle of a significant historical moment at least once in my life Push me into my self, bend me forward over myself. Tie my hands and ankles to a wooden frame before the ascendency. We went down in to the pool of snakes in the middle of a significant historical moment at least once in my life I can hear her fucked up muffled screams through the wall / I can have lustily been of those we had killed. For their hollow hearts, all empathy abandoned.ctor suf Pellk Creditors: amounts fall decry scrap use / ; one year - which stood at £1.6m at the balance sheet date & was offset by a reduction in Debtors from £0.7m to £0.2m nominally due to decreased prepayments & BIRDS!! But befor e the ascendency we went down in to the pool of snakes where we decreased to £0.5m from £0.8m designated purge funds knocked & brought forward ! Where we now consider the field of our vision (trippy) so totally stuck what promise little is there have you fully formed creatures in the belly were paid out. At the year end, & George, We are still even now unable after all/ v ert33 cut the throat under the mud guard on the wheel and once the throat is out of the wheel lovingly dismantle the chair, thoughtfully await the return of your manager. He may go to sit in the chair; he kicks me, & I echo with it,, his unconscious good blood nullity surpassed by transcendence, do that to his chair, file it under BENT FUCK DOUBLE IN come on HA then wheel it over to a place neglected by wolves, show him the lack of wolves there, show him the operatied dexterity of your gender in the ambition to have his hair flayed in the stocks under the general area managerial promise I did my best and my best was always 4 percent below target, the target to be representative in and at your true self, to explain for everyone their comprehension of your details, your preferred terms, your position on toilet breaks, your sexual & gender identity, and for that reason the chair and I will be forever left hoping to transcend something else. BIRDS are mocked at disassembly, so is the octopus, and the mussel, and the yellowtail and the substance of TRACTION oil,, & I could have been the back gas in a bulb, I could have been a part of this laptop. What have you made in your life? Constructed to be put at large into the rendition of its power? Men are very funny lining up one by one to be brilliant in speeches, and that is what they are they are very very funny. My love skids lumps over the harbour lights because they are so full, the men in the lights and in their planning! I can feel their speeches, and the voiceover pilloried in the speaker on the inside of the office toilet wall that says you freak they are so so funny when one says to the next what has happened in your life my man is you’ve created something, and without bragging you’ve become humble and funny and peaked, and keep peaking. I would want to suck on you all and suck its harmless spectral shape on my teeth, he is there on the outside of my digestion, his face is staring out covered by my skin. I like u. I’ve come out 4% below my claim that the chairs in this room can no longer hold onto your heroic back. Kill everyone on Warren Street, piss on their furniture and children, have their children sexually abuse you. It’s what they do best. Now that hadron pulser under the motto cannis / carnem / ecky thump resolves to do, and do better ; to be willing to or to have dispatched by decree & in separate parts him: This, as my body at least is, unmanageable. (This movement is concluded by the singing of a childhood hymn).



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