from Lip Trills

By and | 1 March 2015

Strung out goes hard wired
into the signature scarring
so shown on arching barks
as sampled tolerance slurs
and ligatures, he shall have
music wherever he goes to
stack accumulating pocket
money with foxed gatefold
and the bells on his fingers.

A sugar here, green readies
there, all burns to sidereal
industries in breath attacks,
skip the slow ballads come
pace making sunny tinnitus
so hot, so feted to become
neat, merely cute or spent
the worse if not to nothing
in impertinent middle age.

Timbre taken up against all
and the dues sorely stated,
slimy substantial thereness
hails the hero sulk in slacks
up, up in neighbouring fields
levellers, hip hands on deck
the devil take the crupper o
go slow, hindrance bellows,
greenbacks in festive mud.

Calling out moonings in full
to tinpan alley deal-breaker
sure slung tunes to counter
trigger happy folk-tales shot
loving to hunger emphases,
vault the songbook and flag
the white heat, the white lie
the white that broke the ice
from Vietnam to Greenland.

Then salt chip desert scalds
lunge to betterment means
shimmering treecraft to rock
the port or shake the filling
the passive-aggressive strum
on portmanteau, evening sun
to the creditors, to the tune
tinkled space rock longueurs
to ring out inner ear symbols.

Here we go a-looping down
the estrangements, down so
proper nouns can soul press
seasonal drift, everything on
eleven, still sounding ochres,
will it be a flower of droned
evils you’ll be wanting next,
no? sweet tooth, make some
chat to bit distortion chords.

Ah how housework befriends
the prospect of brooms into
microphones, ploughs on to
virtual humidicribs, lacklustre
remedies to plangent call, a
northern so-so face obelisk
tempting kitchen sentience,
really, isn’t that enough to
realise its penitent acetates.

At half the going half baked
so to prevail on Moog mode
you find the diode in dismals
or the Berlin option, slackers
for the road, slackers for the
office, clubbing, showboating
the aura of militancy sewn in
to solid states, sold diatonics
down to regress in celestials.

Another drive calls, another
looping of continents does a
feedback image, a snatching
for hallmarks out of thin air
echo off glossal restoratives
to Head of Bight, long swim
back down refrigerated water
less chilled fridges, rebirthed
radiator gurgle, hold it there.

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