for Tim Atkins who reminded me what matters

By | 1 March 2015

Waking with a whelp & a tiny prod
& head of fire
of love
for you once more my rose bud
my dear girl
all quaver like when I try to change you
all tears & limbs
extinguishing the world
with one small tear or smile
like a wine drop in Seferis’ sea
Let me not remember the trouble
of before you
Besides, it was another country
Let’s look forward instead to blossom & ducks
walking – you precious bobble head – the way you fall
on yr bottom then a second’s pause as you work out what feels
before caterwauling or a laugh – depending on what!
Who knows the little mysteries of you – space worm
tiny stranger
come to save her mama
from not knowing what’s important in life
Here’s to all the precious minutes
of every colour with each other & to papa & to poems
with happy endings

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