Magaret Mahy

By | 1 August 2015

I find four of your books in my letter box
a generous gift, a shy retreat.

When did you come? Why didn’t you knock?

The Door in the Air transports
compels entry into Dangerous Spaces

Space transformed with magic & science
brought to mischievous articulation

The Catalogue of the Universe where
Tricksters rhymed with voices that dare

disturb in dazzling virtuosity; boundaries
made strangely boundless

No one emerged quite the same.

Squirrel nuts stored in baby bubbles: I watch
you feed your grand daughter my spicy

pot-luck gado gado salad; not hot, the child
bravely demurs

Lunching at the De Luxe Café you quiz me
on assimilation & acculturation

We share an evening at the Court Theatre
This Other Eden connects then & now.

Years later we meet again at Downstage
didn’t know it would be your last reading

before the wind between the stars swept
you away crossing Time & Space

romancing our literary landscape
lighting our way

The Door in the Air closes
on your cryptic farewell

What’s your next role?
I won’t know until I get there.

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