63 no

By | 1 August 2015

Play suspended for rest of day due to PJ Hughes’s head injury at 2.23 local time

A day as deadly as
the bulletin’s Cassandras

It hits home like
a windshield spidered
on the SE Freeway.

Macca’s sign erased/
lead lights

PJ Hughes retired hurt
63 no (161 B) (9 4) (0 6)
strike rate: 39.13.

The pitch’s
Messerschmitt tracks
a counter attack

& a life collapses
quicker than a career

Cape Canaveral
to pinch an away
series off the Saffas.

What? Do they know
of cricket?
(that) Cricket only knows.

A bat requiem
at the pavilions
& our gates.

& we try to understand
of a hook shot

worse than
a dolly
even the clumsiest

fine leg
couldn’t fumble,

just around the corner.

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