Genuine questions about Pet Semetary

By | 15 May 2023

**Spoiler Alert!**

First, what put that road there?
Sure, stuff’s gotta get somewhere,
but mostly someone’s gotta want it
when it gets there,
right? Semi-trailer gotta
hurtle along some trail.
Second, what are the odds
of friendly ol’ Fred Gwinn
having the ticker to top
Maine’s Mi’kmaq Mount Doom
before Rachel and the tykes
jet back from Thanksgiving?
A soothy septuagenarian
subsisting on bungers and Bud –
unlikely idinit?
Victor happened to be
out for a jog in Orono –
who read him
into any of this?
Is Jud evil or just stupid?
After all the ground is sour
Louis. Death should be inevitable,
that’s inviolable.

But the real big puzzler is why Rachel,
in seven years of matrimony,
never mentioned Zelda.
She didn’t once utter “Louis, you
must know, I had a sister
curtail’d of fair proportion
who breathe left in a backroom.
The flashbacks come as
vivid as noonlight
piercing a nap.”

Seems like something
you’d share with your spouse right?

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