It’s Challenging

By | 1 February 2020
i.m. christa mcaullife

Folks I don’t plan to change my plans.
It’s mourning in America.
Melania and I are given to meme
the tragedy of the challenger.
We share no pain with no one.
This is truly a national loss.

We’ve forgotten the courage of
terrible accidents, overcome
no dangers, do nothing brilliantly.
Last century we became acquainted
with atrocity’s efficiency
but still we scare quickly.
We are not daring or brave.
Only the strongman has
that special grace to say
“Give me a challenge
and I’ll meet it with joy.”

Take a chance and expand a man’s horizons.
The schoolchildren who watched
the shuttle incinerated will
be seasoned by the experience.
The future belongs to the frightened
and how they choose to invest their fear.
Always painful things happen,
it’s just part of the exploration of your love.

146 days ago Drake dropped Scorpion
today you will die in the manner
in which you lived your life.
We will wave good bye and forget you.
I let slip my surly lip you will not
touch my face of God.

They wished to serve, and they did. They served me.

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