By | 1 August 2015
He grins blindly,
attempting innocuous
blank and “casual” –
a good guy enjoying
a bit of banter. No fuss.

I imagine his hand,
finger bulging against
wedding band, reaching
for whatever he wants
to feel in his palm.

Power is slippery
when clean. A tenacious
grip is needed to keep
hold of such success,
sweet as cheap shampoo

He grins blindly.
Comedians and cartoonists
think of lizards, journalists
cite Mr Burns – that tepee
of soft-skinned fingers.

The ring slides knuckle
to knuckle in the winter
months. Mustn’t wear it
while forcing oneself
through frigid June waves.

This symbol is just
for dry land, cameras, off-
water matters. Mustn’t lose it.
Marriage is a sacrosanct
sign of normalcy.

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