Charm of a bivalve chantey

By | 1 August 2015

sharpley and with hardly withouten effort I prise from you
a sigh, not the vaste soupir (oh.) of the sea
something more morbidly flushed
p.haps a ‘radiant travesty’

au revoir, Club-toe!

I am airs cheerful as I ought to be [GODDAMMIT]
& you can tell by the jauble
that this is sung
in le langue gelée
spoken in jelly
“it should have ‘spitoon’ in it”

What is a bivalve? What is behavior?

not sphinx but spinx don’t gender the enigma
Dear Bridie McCarrotty
Sister to Mellamurphy
He’s got a song to sing but it’s not about you

Dear Sir I am fallen in love with a pipe. Your pipe.
Item: Smooth tadpole tobacciana pipe, grit to suck
surface issues and teeth chatter
ouch and very fine!

<<See the restitution of angelic bisexuality>>

joined in enflamed opposition
round like a colloquoy of major and minor demon tongues
cured in raw bivalvoline.

I once methought we should have our bones thrown in together
Now I’d be pleased if our singing and kissing-bits
Beput in the one can of langues en gelée

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