Candelo Speedway

By | 1 November 2017

Going bitch-kegs at it
After our Demon Tweak
Seven thousand pistonlicks per second I have stolen my own weight in pork products
Reader, self-annihilating and semi-devine! Do this in memorium of me.
As revenge against the ones who gave us a taste for infinite things

All our love of Australian Aeronautics
Is concentrated in the corvid crow corby
A kind of songfoul and airborne Satanic Pastie

Half Cornish Half Irish me ma
Has a taste for Scotch Greys
In the Celtic League it maketh me
A treble cleff’d bastard
Familiar t’all loyal
To not
Fornication aplenty
Of Lies? A great cov’rage
Barbarism we try and we try

Unlike Juptire we want to effect a more delicate lechery
Appearing to Leda as neither Bull nor Swan but as a declasse Candy Baron
Having a vivid little roister behind the kirk at Bellbrae

To make mushrooms burst on the side of the blood oven
An organical democracy where every cell might think for itself
And is at war with every other.

In this messy era of the rule of the South Gundagai Molls.
Giddy up.

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