Practical Purposes

By | 1 August 2015

To create the impression of being raised from the background is:
I cannot relate the state of tension to a specific risk.
For a long time, because it had been a long time. So defence
becomes the chisel. A performance through circles and semi-circles,
beyond folding trees of grief. Long after the animal died,
the child continued to behave as if it were alive.
Because the background was left plain.
She’s no longer aware of “not looking.”
For practical purposes, it wasn’t a dream but a horse. It’s too much
to be stone, especially when ankles are the weak point.
It can’t happen to me. Such assumptions reduce fragility, so that observation
becomes more than participation.
To cover it up, it disappears? However, we were saved
from forming the back of the subject. I didn’t think about it because I didn’t need to.

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