The last to know

By | 1 August 2015

It seems contusion ceremonies grace
the serious approach, yes I think so
do that, they deep and deeper consider and there is – lull
back – plunk and o touch
scratch bird come to announce
like turning a corner around a wall
the sound drops

I think constancy is the object
gather, a distant difference of – mmm.
A distant close. They keep talking and I want to listen
in the way. Oh that’s begin
we swivel forward, someone’s at the door
inside your mind you swing
your hand up answer it

the svelt passage wombs out wide
in the thin river inside
it has gotten in there spooky kind
of vibrate and its echo loving each other without
understanding how that is. Groups of forests
call out. Mmm, the voice cur shunts, the voice
cur shunts in the side showing you
crunch trees, the crunch tree forest beside you.

We wait the hollow grows
inside the crunch tree huh, the swallow rackets
soften down huh the swallow racks
lilt, clear dense beside you, then without you

grows over there, the lilt tends huh, you can hear the
swallow, the very large room is pleased
enormous spoons tunk the sides of the room, huh
the middle of the room yes thinks you
tiny and tinier closing around the river
high inside the sharp river (huh) errs out

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