Worry rung (Wurrung)

By | 1 June 2014

The hour strikes and you strike
back a feathery blankness pre-Socratic
mean sets up a fervor specked with
broken elements, waking to the heat
and driving hither air and you particulate
the more like license of a congregation giving
itself an audience giving starry
bodies flashing on her head
that vent or gain conversion to
cessation made a ruse of pastoral

The observer stands in front of living loops
enhancement, aft of public stripping
further to a child’s order
inside out, a Circuit of the Mind becomes
monumental in the cardiac sense
you swallow the Museum the day’s
cavernous architect enfolding
the night we count invincible, as
in we swallowed continuously and naturally
sliced through, translate

you’ll end the weekends of your castle hands
moving your cultural life through earth
unaware as water on the floor approaches
rivulets translating red divides
the cave between a contact troupe
committed to a hall, entering in terms of
collage, hermosos hijos smiling in small loops
with an accent pretty city
ochre talking through the caves they meet
the red hands touching on the walls across the long walks
through protective stone you are providence to a fable
later made of teargas blown across the vowels
kindly, very nice

Turning fell to a machine, your body
swerves its balance inside shoes
in which we understand the peeled-out inhibitions of
comparatives blind history
waste arrivals only pelt the beautiful children
part the legs continuously performing axis
past the jacket a community gave
to get it fixed, burn on the design

stippled in text the bred reeds make
the images of sky fall down
the city as she walks to get
the famous bakery items crumbling in her mouth
she’s folding another country further asked
for body ankles and the touch
stones fresh positions for the hair
finger scales in excess proven instruments
gently take on kitchen splashbacks Wathaurong
Glass and stories, we’re really trying
feedback for a mock trial of witnesses
none of whom can be said to have seen

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