Tacit Knowledge

By | 1 February 2013

Driving back from Zavalla at 5pm along some road towards Courpsville
wondering exactly what I’m meant to watch the ice do on the bridge.

This morning a snake came up from the undergrowth
and I didn’t know whether it could kill me.

It wasn’t the diamond-headed death-bringer of my childhood;
nor does the maxim of if it’s long it’s deadly hold up in Texas.

From the wrong side of the road
I rang Mum in her new house who laughed at me

then said they had a 2 metre dugite living in their shed.
But she was worried I was driving at dusk

and told me to watch for roos and I didn’t correct her.
But what I want to know (as I drive past a dead thing with horns) is:

why can’t someone tell me if deer are crepuscular?


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