A Phenomenology Walking from Kasu to Mur, Rai Coast, PNG

By | 1 February 2013

and moinie created everything
with it so that life’s blood
was made ‘water’ so to travel
through everything and bond it

– ‘water’ Jim Everett – puralia meenamatta

treading thought
is it not maybe just the
relative staying power
of our metaphors:
our water’s
pointing out his mother’s land
a dispute simmering
sometime down the scarp
I know water only as water, and blood as water only
the paper on Aboriginal traditional conservation
said ‘waterscapes’
you thought: choked, friable outposts
i.e the same constancy as blood real blood
cutting my feet up on the track
I mean
my mother also conferred disjunction
on her family –
it is a land dispute, too

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