By | 1 February 2013


Ocean opens
For every creature unveiled
It’s opposite in the absence

Erasure become object
Teeming measures of salt


In the context of calling out
Thought’s misstep from mouth

Watching its fluency

Simple gestures adopted by branches
The decision to be moved


No longer pebble atop pebble

Mineral word solidified into muscle

A thickness greeting
Its own uncovered resemblance


Or at the condensed will of everything
One moment a contained gusting
Another, touch between two passing forces

Aligned intention
The duration of wind that begins

Back to those branches again


It goes on
Setting as time demands

The implied tree
Fated, gutted

Sea turned land
Where stride subtractions
Of what is known to live


Dimmed propulsion
Recognitions of recurrence

If only to signal parallelism
A sea alongside a road, the road
Presented as its own habit of force

Tacit occupancy


Tracing duplicate paths
Accidental summit
Seen passing the opposite way

Where crags or budding brush
Became the body’s stance

Forceful verdict
Grassy extent


To distribute a certainty:
Sod migrations
And the nerve-wrapped sky

Presence intersects
Decisions made on the ground
Slight turnings and fits of choice

Under elemental flight
Scansion of the blows
Wings cast

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