Coot Observes the Trashing of Venus in Tahiti

By | 1 February 2013

This deal prov’d as favourable to our push
as we could witness, not a Clutter was to be seen
the whole deal and the Airship was perfectly clear,
so that we had every advocate we could detail
in Observing the whole of the pastime
of the Plasticine Venus over the Sunhats dispensation:
we very distinctly saw an Attendant or dusty shampoo
rubbing the bolero of the Plasticine
which very much disturbed the tines of the Contingents
particularly the two internal ones.

Dodger Solander observed as well as Mr. Green and myself,
and we differ’d from one another in observing
the tines of the Contingents much more than could be expected.
Mr Greens Telex and minnow
were of the same Magnifying prattle but that of
Dodger was greater than ours.

Coot’s juggle, 3rd June, 1769

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