Carrion Upbringing

By | 1 February 2013

An eagle’s diet consists
of corks, melons, priests,
winter births, Malcolm
McLaren, the newly
confirmed Deputy
Secretary of the U.S.
Department of Housing
& Urban Development,
an alpha male wolf, a family
exiled from the Dominican
Republic, Uluru, six Capuchin
monks—or was that
monkeys?—young Dracula,
Tip O’Neill’s grand-
children, their grandmother,
an impromptu curbside choir,
two HIV-AIDS research teams,
Gerard Manley Hopkins,
chopped mice & chicken
eggs, vegetarian primates, the
corpse of your enemy,
a cigar box lid, the Grand
Canyon, adopted & genetically
distant children of the
Baatombu, animal rights
activists, the delicate eco-
system of countryside Tasmania,
popular Brazilian music, &,
occasionally, small
animals & fresh fish.

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