Mark Young


Cartograms are almost impossible to create by hand. When bastardized versions of indigenous culture are let loose on the tourist market, there can be no margin for error. An ersatz Indian arrowhead found in a grave in the small Southern …

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Thirty-Six Views of the Parallax: Mark Young’s the eclectic world, Bandicoot habitat and lithic typology

The first thing to note is that the body of a typical Mark Young poem often bears no relationship to the title. Do not be alarmed: this is a postmodernist conceit, and Young is thoroughly postmodernist, although he would eschew such a label.

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A Line from John Ashbery

American Libraries are now offering on a monthly basis all the features & amenities you said you wanted—Sunday High Tea; a practical manual of screen playwriting; hair in all colors, lengths, & structures. A physician will be on hand to …

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Carrion Upbringing

An eagle’s diet consists of corks, melons, priests, winter births, Malcolm McLaren, the newly confirmed Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, an alpha male wolf, a family exiled from the Dominican Republic, Uluru, six Capuchin …

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The Pacific Ocean

is of Scandinavian origin, & is about to undertake a tour of several cities south of the Mason-Dixon line with a show in which it enfolds local polypeptides & assigns musical notes to mathematical algorithms. Tickets go on sale at …

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A Line from Joseph McCarthy

The equilibrium position shifts. Energy is given off. Can salsa eat through the bars of a prison cell? Such considerations are far from rare in Russian jails. The topic also comes up during the “dark ages” of the web, shaping …

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A line from Karlheinz Stockhausen

The disparity between the left eye image & the Warhol- style clipart pieces which coat the bottom of the Great Lakes is a root cause in the rise of home-based baristas. We may be entering a new phase of glaciation …

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The Renaissance

has only just reached Appalachia. It’s winter, & I’m driving with the window rolled down, listening to a pirated CD of rapper, singer & actor Yang Dong-keun performing at a club in the Hongdae district. His use of ironies & …

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