Mark Young

Thirty-Six Views of the Parallax: Mark Young’s the eclectic world, Bandicoot habitat and lithic typology

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A Line from John Ashbery

American Libraries are now offering on a monthly basis all the features & amenities you said you wanted—Sunday High Tea; a practical manual of screen playwriting; hair in all colors, lengths, & structures. A physician will be on hand to …

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Carrion Upbringing

An eagle’s diet consists of corks, melons, priests, winter births, Malcolm McLaren, the newly confirmed Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, an alpha male wolf, a family exiled from the Dominican Republic, Uluru, six Capuchin …

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The Pacific Ocean

is of Scandinavian origin, & is about to undertake a tour of several cities south of the Mason-Dixon line with a show in which it enfolds local polypeptides & assigns musical notes to mathematical algorithms. Tickets go on sale at …

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A Line from Joseph McCarthy

The equilibrium position shifts. Energy is given off. Can salsa eat through the bars of a prison cell? Such considerations are far from rare in Russian jails. The topic also comes up during the “dark ages” of the web, shaping …

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A line from Karlheinz Stockhausen

The disparity between the left eye image & the Warhol- style clipart pieces which coat the bottom of the Great Lakes is a root cause in the rise of home-based baristas. We may be entering a new phase of glaciation …

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The Renaissance

has only just reached Appalachia. It’s winter, & I’m driving with the window rolled down, listening to a pirated CD of rapper, singer & actor Yang Dong-keun performing at a club in the Hongdae district. His use of ironies & …

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