Javant Biarujia

Javant Biarujia is an award-winning poet, playwright and essayist whose works have appeared in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. His poetry collection Low/Life (Monogene) was shortlisted for The Age Book of the Year prize in 2003, while Resinations (Otoliths), published in 2012, is his latest book.

Thirty-Six Views of the Parallax: Mark Young’s the eclectic world, Bandicoot habitat and lithic typology

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Corey Wakeling Interviews Javant Biarujia

Javant Biarujia is an iconoclastic Australian poet, at once an unparalleled linguistic confabulator and an exponent of Melbourne avant-garde poetics since the 1970s. He is the author of seven collections, such as Calques (Monogene, 2002), Low/Life (Monogene, 2003) and pointcounterpoint: New & Selected Poems 1983 – 2008 (Salt, 2007), and numerous chapbooks. Biarujia’s work marks out its own historical forebears and familiars in a way that I believe – although absolutely in association with contemporary histories of poetry such as American Language poetry, Australian bricolage, and European surrealism – happens to hybridise baroque linguistic ingenuity with deconstructive collage and games of poetic reality that defy straightforward historical alignment.

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The German Consulate in Melbourne

As seen from the street the building was reminiscent of a German consulate in Melbourne. — GIORGIO DE CHIRICO … take any risks you like, but never listen to a deconstructionist. — CHRISTOPHER KOCH author, and grandson of J. A. …

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Plus Ça Change … 1981–2011

HOMO NEST RAIDED, QUEEN BEES ARE STINGING MAD — JERRY LISKER: New York Daily News, July 6, 1969. Report on the raid by the Tactical Patrol Force on the Stonewall Inn, a private gay club, at 57 Christopher Street. Listen. …

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X Marks the Parataxis: Louis Armand, John Kinsella and Jessica L Wilkinson

ParataxisDisplacement is apparent both geographically and textually in Letters from Ausland by Louis Armand, The Vision of Error by John Kinsella (subtitled, ‘A Sextet of Activist Poems’) and marionette by jessica l. wilkinson (written here all in lower-case and subtitled, ‘a biography of miss marion davies’). All three poets are or have been editors of literary magazines: Armand edits VLAK, out of Prague; Kinsella, SALT; and Wilkinson, Rabbit (why does this name always remind me of Wittgenstein’s drawing of a rabbit that can also be perceived as a duck?) Armand and Kinsella have also collaborated on a number of books.

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