Barry Hill

The Surveyed Vision: 36 Meditations on 3 Books by Barry Hill (Peacemongers, Grass Hut Work and Reason & Lovelessness)

a. Justice is Barry Hill’s overarching leitmotiv.

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Review Short: Barry Hill’s Grass Hut Work

The poems in Grass Hut Work are a kind of coda to Barry Hill’s 2014 non-fiction epic Peacemongers, a book of self-discovery and intellectual journeying that took him to the heart of the East, to India and Japan.

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Himalayan Fire (히말라야의 불)

As you casually entered the gompa —travel weary, a meagre warmth in you too much mist in the lungs— the winter sun hit the sutras. The mountain light, having raised the black frost shafted the night wind south raided the …

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Homecoming (귀향)

You land with gold over the Red Centre still in your head. The road taking you home to the sea is a lizard flattened in the heat. The light does the talking, the light splinters all over the place. Who …

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Old Photo: The Union Buries … (오래된 사진: 조합원이 땅에 묻는 …)

A solid pack around his grave. Good steel to a magnet, the sky leaden with the warmth, somehow, of common ground. I did not know them all but the bulk of them knew me. Their leader told them of his …

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To the God Skype (나의 신 스카이프에게)

The face of the loved one the only face the face which speaks to mine. One leaf curls to the other they fold, in and out To each other’s autumn breeze. Her perspiration, the brow that she wipes her labours …

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The Peace Pagoda (평화의 탑)

You might have just glimpsed the way to write this book: Start with Thich Nhat Hahn’s recollection of Ben Tre the city he knew from which a few shots were fired at American planes that came back to wipe out …

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Toby Davidson Reviews Michael Brennan and Barry Hill

Unanimous Night and Four Lines East are very different collections physically, the latter being a limited edition chapbook of thirty-five pages, but they both revolve around a central theme of the Australian poet out in the world, away from home, discovering new dwellings for body and mind in the process.

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Gus Goswell Reviews Barry Hill

The lines below, part of the long poem 'Canto 1: Ice', go some way towards representing the tension that exists within Barry Hill's fifth collection of poetry. Written over ten years, some of the poems in Necessity: Poems 1996-2006 are political poems, some are spiritual poems, some are nature poems; many are all three.

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