Gus Goswell

Gus Goswell Reviews LK Holt and Elizabeth Campbell

These latest releases from John Leonard Press are further evidence of this newish publisher's determination to make room for new poetic voices in Australia. Both Holt and Campbell are young, born in the first years of the eighties, and with Man Wolf Man and Letters to the Tremulous Hand respectively, Holt and Campbell have released their first full-length collections.

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Gus Goswell Reviews Les Murray

One of the most revered, most hated, most praised and most criticised figures in Australian literature, Les Murray is Australia's best-known living poet. He has been awarded the Mondello prize, T.S. Eliot Prize, Queen's Gold Medal for poetry and many other local and international titles. In 1999 he helped John Howard draft a preamble to the Australian Constitution.

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Gus Goswell Reviews Barry Hill

The lines below, part of the long poem 'Canto 1: Ice', go some way towards representing the tension that exists within Barry Hill's fifth collection of poetry. Written over ten years, some of the poems in Necessity: Poems 1996-2006 are political poems, some are spiritual poems, some are nature poems; many are all three.

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