Ipseity Game

1 February 2013

Canadian or not, here I come!
I’ve counted long enough
my arm pressed against the brick
numbed despite the stings
my brow creased over eyes
closed as per social rules
my feet pricked by dirt
tickled to near death.

You hidin’ in the alley bin, girl?
You hidin’ good? Behind trash?
Or up the wall? Nobody looks up
where the monster splays.
You think I lookin’ down
all the time, blendin’ in,
brown brown me, quiet quiet
waitin’ waitin’ countin’.

Ok! I know you’re out there!
You not so silent for long.
You’re too used to do the talking.
You’re going to giggle.
You’re going to give yourself away.
You need a playmate.
It’s just a silly game. Come on.
Night’s falling. Supper soon.

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