Lakshmi Gill

The Patience of Affixes

Within the half-life of affixes in the grey gap between pre- -suf are thoughtlings swimming to the surface. In winter needs must break the ice with battered noses. In summer they leap and dive with paeanismus tails. In breeding season …

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Ipseity Game

Canadian or not, here I come! I’ve counted long enough my arm pressed against the brick numbed despite the stings my brow creased over eyes closed as per social rules my feet pricked by dirt tickled to near death. You …

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Mother’s Line as Logarithmic Spiral

This place where wily warehousemen and clerks traded pots and pans for ermine and marten This place—Voilà un diamant du Canada— quartz crystals exhibited back home This place—the land God gave Cain— rocky shores now slowly sinking into the sea …

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