Reluminations II

By | 1 February 2013

The streets have felt much of the century

arch of sky all art & activity

There are bread lines in the streets

Quotations like robbers sink

who leap out armed

who aim to not only have the most

who encased in the core of a shell

who loved their metonymic body-parts (teeth, signatures)

who help me understand all those love songs and how the artists
must have felt when writing them


I feel I say a drink might help

For sale unheard of animals their cries

towers fired upon simultaneously

Future prospects smaller than today

after the feast of flying bricks

We recommend a midnight train

a Garry Oak on southern Vancouver Island.


the beginning of the impossible is here

its phantom limbs and silver flanges

the goods the mob captures

A collection of obsessions, oblique references and footnotes

Keep munching until all the animal is gone


It will be the same

They will be unfit for further service


Thus did it happen

I saw it

Cruel tale of woe

Unhappy mother

They do not arrive on time

What is all this noise?

The great he-goat and the drowning dog


I am Part Neanderthal, genetics confirms

the difference is when someone runs out of money

cuts descend on deserted streets

brokers reacting in a trading room

burning car after burning car

become a regular form of expression for the disenfranchised

occupied or picketed or just appalled


The storm of the future grows skyward

inanimate but reaching down into the orchestra pit

hedgies with a philanthropic bent, aight!

the politicians were for sale this whole time?

randomly rising inside the auditorium

get ready to jump into the Abyss

that consumer society attaches so much value to


walk away from the medium vs message conundrum

somehow expected radicals and activists to be falling out of
every doorway

Do they not know the flood has come and gone?

burp once for yes, twice for no

nooks of the ruined bank (formerly a Starbucks)

Keep munching until all the animal is gone


on the chaotic untitled works of cities

Avant-garde Memories of the Good Old Days

tour through those countries

the economy will have to muddle

into a police state youth have rejected

as we swing back and forth between moments of clarity
and densities we cannot explain


If time flew then there isn’t much fun

This was a bank now it’s a Starbucks

to deal with the crushing debt

A forest full of beautiful trees

I must confess to a little pessimism about the future

give me on-line shelter

gather round an overturned bus
real crowd pleaser

then grant some of them a rage effect / some of them agency


Prospero’s phonebooks

in spite of refusing to tour this album

bad faith seizures by police

designed for generations at the end of the alphabet, aight?

Disruptively Better Business

Now Blizzard decides to screw us here in cataclysm

Cue voiceover of slow-drawling veteran talking about

heiress / media whore he very soul of this establishment


What a week it has been in climate change!

There’s not much meat on these bones—a stew?

They didn’t really need the police after all, huh.

Gilded wooden animals, tiny fish, seraphic centauresses

It’s not as much like “Withnail and I” as I’d expected

You can’t eat money or poems


We come back to sadness

That gum you like is going to come back in style

Maybe I’ll sleep inside my coat

unable to keep the present in its place

death is a dramatic escalation of their rage and frustration

Philip Morris Tobacco Corp. Inc. appealed yesterday to the government


Narrative, I lay you across my knees and spank your reddening bottom

Merchant of blemish

It was a landslide—except that, you know, not that many people voted

that sheep probably resent the word “sheeple”

You know that thing we keep doing to the Middle East we keep calling

I have a hazmat suit and a rag soaked in vinegar


These are instances of the poet in shock

artist that blankness cannot actually mirror

find a lyric hole to curl up in

Today, it does not matter

What is it like to have albinism?

I feel I say a drink might help

back to mermaids back to dredging

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