Stephen Collis

Placeways in the Anthropocene: Phyllis Webb’s Canadian West Coast

Change is the true nature of every place we inhabit, everything we are. I live on what was an island that became, in time, a peninsula only to – one day in the not too distant future, with the changing climate and rising seas – most likely become an island again. Indigenous peoples travelled down this coast – when it had a different coastline, a different sea level yet again – thousands of years ago.

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The World Is Never Enough with Us

I should apologize for another Poem about death and political economy But the daily walk is the graveyard Emily, treading, treading Like the Fang people of Africa with the Bundled sticks of their dead dried Folded and packed around on …

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Reluminations II

The streets have felt much of the century arch of sky all art & activity There are bread lines in the streets Quotations like robbers sink who leap out armed who aim to not only have the most who encased …

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